The purpose of this document is to regulate the TERMS or GENERAL CONTRACTING CONDITIONS of the online booking services of Zero Latency Andorra.The use of these services implies the full acceptance, without any reservations, and the validity, of each and every one of the General Terms and/or Conditions –which will be considered as automatically incorporated in the contract signed with Zero Latency Andorra, a written copy is not needed– contained in the latest updated version of the General Terms and/or Conditions.



When using this service, the user of the booking will receive a confirmation email and this email will serve as proof of the booking.



Zero Latency Andorra does not issue refunds for any reason. Please contact us if you are unsatisfied with your purchase and we will try to resolve the problem.



You have up to two weeks before your booking date to cancel or re-schedule your booking. If you cancel your booking, we will credit your Zero Latency account and you can use the credit on another date.

We do not accept cancellations within the two weeks prior to your booking. If you have a problem with your booking, contact us and we will try to solve the problem.



Sessions are scheduled back-to-back. It is very important that you comply with your session time to make the most of the experience. The session is made up of various parts: registration, safety talk, equipment and VR experience. Access will be denied to anyone who has not heard the safety instructions.

Partial Booking – If you did not book the entire session (for 8 people), the session will start even if some participants haven’t arrived yet. If they arrive early enough to hear the safety instructions, they can participate in the experience. If they arrive late, we cannot allow them to participate for safety reasons.

Full Booking – If you booked the entire session and some of the participants arrive late, you have two options:

  1. You can start the session without all members. If they arrive early enough to hear the safety instructions, they can participate in the experience. If they arrive late, we cannot allow them to participate for safety reasons.
  2. You can wait until everyone has arrived, but your experience time may be reduced. Our staff will do everything they can to speed up the processes, but they cannot modify the end time.

If you arrive late you will not receive a refund or credit.



We recommend a minimum height of 1.40 meters to be able to play.

Players under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to play. You will not receive a refund or credit.

You must be able to move your entire body freely, unassisted. People with vision in only one eye can play.

For safety reasons, you cannot participate in the experience if:

  • You have any level of epilepsy.
  • You are deaf or have severe hearing loss.
  • You use a wheelchair.

We do not recommend our experiences if:

  • You have a heart condition.
  • You are heavily pregnant.


Children cannot be left unattended in the Zero Latency waiting area.

Zero Latency does not take responsibility for the safety and care of children in this area.

If you do not have anyone who can take responsibility of the children, you cannot participate in the experience.

You will not receive a refund or credit.




  • E-gift vouchers are valid for use for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase and cannot be extended beyond this date.
  • E-gift vouchers are released to the purchaser via email but they can be printed, reprinted or emailed as required.
  • E-gift voucher codes are unique​,​ for single use only​ and non-transferable once used.
  • E-gift vouchers must be redeemed online at . Any outstanding balance will be ​credited to​ the account of the ​player who​ made the ​initial ​booking​.
  • E-gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, sold or used to purchase E-Gift Vouchers.
  • E-gift vouchers can be used for standard session/s ticket/s and only at the location it has been purchased for.